Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Officially starting the new year

with a purge and the kids returning to school and some after Xmas shopping. I always shop the boxing week and after sales for gifts for next Xmas. I went to the Disney Store with my mom, sister and the kids this past weekend and scored this sweater in sizes to fit me, Marissa and Victoria next Xmas, we don't need em now or so we can wait. I already can't wait for next year ;)

I also lost 2.5 lbs the first week of my diet, totally jazzin about that!!!

Looking forward to a crop at The Nook this Saturday and getting my DT kit for this month and then a surprise bday party later.

I am also having alot of fun learning the in's and outs of my Nikon, playing with different settings and such, here are some pics I've taken with it.......unedited.


Marina said...

Congrats on the wieghtloss Kimmie, wishing you continued success!!!!

I was thinking that sweatshirt should be for you, what a total score!!!

Awesome photos too by the way, love the one of Tori with the Strawberry shortcake, Alexis received on of them too!!!

Tara C. said...

Great job on the 2.5lbs girlie!!! Way to go!!! And have fun on Saturday, wish I didn't live so far away!!

Elia said...

Congrats again on the weight loss girlie. Love those photos especially the one with Tori. See you on Saturday.