Monday, March 26, 2012

Restocking the scrap cupboards...

Two years ago when i honestly felt I would never have the urge to create anything again I sold all of my scrapbooking supplies. And believe me there was TONNES, I have made a decision to buy only what I absolutely need and intend to use, but I am sure that that decision won't last long, lol.

It makes me sad to think I gave up something I so loved and enjoyed, but I really lost all desire for scrapbooking and now that I have a newfound sense of creativity and desire to get back into it, I just can't wait. I am working on the Scrapbook and Cards Today summer call right now and hoping they love my first creations in years. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First baby gift....

My soon to be mother in law and sister in law gave us our first baby gift on Sunday, they made an adorable blanket for him and gave us a sweet teddy bear and this cute lamb from Scentsy, it's Lenny the Lamb Scentsy buddy, you can buy packets of scent that zip into his back to keep your nursery smelling nice, I just love it!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Long time no blog....

I took some much needed me time to get life straightened out.

Got a divorce, met the love of my life and we are getting married and having a baby this spring.

Actually I shouldn't say met him, I've known him most of my life, since we were 8 or so actually, our dad's worked together and were friends, his mom used to take us for ice cream and I always had a wee crush on him as we grew up. We hadn't seen each other for many years and one day, not long after my separation, I ran into him and his son at a local petting zoo. We had a great day, our kids enjoyed playing together and we agreed we should catch up further. The rest they say is history. I couldn't be happier!!!

Keep an eye out for some new creative inspiration coming back, I finally have the urge to create back too!!