Sunday, September 24, 2006

What an awesome weekend!!!!!

On Saturday I went to a crop with my gal pals from Scraptivity, as usual I laughed lots, ate tons of junk and this time, I know some of you won't even believe it, but I actually cropped!!!!! I did 4 pages, if you don't believe it you can see it on my girl Tina's Blog.

And to top off the day, which was already awesome!!! I get home and my dh had a huge surprise for me:

Rewind a few days, DH comes home with a 32" TV/monitor for his computer, I suggest that we go to buy a dishwasher on Sunday and get a nasty" do we have money for a dishwasher?" "uh yeah maybe if you hadn't spent $1000 on that monitor" anyway, I was complaining about it at the crop, I get home and lo and behold a new dishwasher, installed ready to go, I almost cried, he totally blew me away!!! maybe people really can change!!!


SmileyCarrie said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! I would love to meet up with the Scraptivity Girls sometime.. I will have to watch on the website for your future get togethers ;)

What a sweet hubby... awww :)

elia said...

Sounds like you had a fab time even if you actually scrapped. LOL

Yeah for DTM - I guess he's a keeper for now.