Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What a stressful couple days....

our dear fur baby, Daisie, is terribly sick, we don't know what's wrong for sure, the vet thinks she got into something poisonous or toxic. We don't know how she's never outdoors alone, unless she got into something while we were at my inlaws(they have a huge field) and she likes to run off into it. We were stunned by how fast she went down hill, from Friday being her usual self to Monday not being able to walk on her own and having a very low heart rate and temperature. I spoke to the vet again now and she is back into the normal ranges but her blood work still isn't in so they are keeping her overnight again. At least the x-rays show her insides are normal, that is good, means no surgery needed. Anyway if you could keep thinking some positive puppy healing thoughts with us, we'd be grateful, our house is too quiet without her, and that's hard to say living in a house with 4 kids

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