Thursday, August 10, 2006

I love summer

It's full of such wonderful memory making days. Last Saturday I took the kids to a birthday party in Burlington at La Salle park. It has a splash pad and a huge playground, they are still talking about it today!! This weekend I am taking Saturday off, and going shopping with my sister, after Dan being gone for 2 weekends this month and having the 4 kiddies home with just me, I am totally wiped out. Love em to death but they are exhausting!! :)
We are going to our friends cottage again this month for a week, the kids are so excited about that, they remember how great it was last year, a week on the beach, I just hope the weather is as perfect as it was last year!!
Dan and I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage on the 18th, although it hasn't been a picnic lately, with him working so much and being away, I'm feeling very neglected, but i keep telling myself it's just temporary and we're getting our Disney fund going VERY nicely!!! which is a plus!


Carmen said...

Hang in there Kimmie!! I hear ya with the man being gone/working so much... Marc and I have been married for 12 yrs and it doesn't get any easier when he leaves the country to work... Although I can't complain. Because of that we own the house we do today, and I get to really stay at home with my kiddies. HUGS

Melissa said...

Disney Fund!! Yahoo! Now that sounds like a great plan!!!

DH and I are celebrating 3 yrs on the 16th. Sometimes I think it might be easier if we were apart more! LOL. (just kidding). I would miss him (eventually).

patti said...

Hang in there doll! Things are definately gonna take a swing on the upside! You are a great gal and good things are coming your way! I can feel it in my bones! Hugs to you xxxxxxxxxx

patti said...

hugs hugs & more hugs!! I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing family vacation!!

Disney trip woohoo!! That will be a blast!

Tara said...

Big hugs to you Kimmie! Just keep your eye on that Disney trip! Quality time with your family and Mickey Mouse!!!

Heather said...

Sounds like your going to have a summer trip.

So totally know what you mean about 4 being tiring and I don't have them all full time.

Disney would be so fun for the kids. Hopefully D's being away is only for a short time.