Monday, September 01, 2008

Disney was amazing!!!!

We had the best week at Disney!!! Our flights were almost unevently, alittle turbulance here and there and a delay due to a possible fuel leak on the way there and the plane was late arriving to turn around and take us home from Florida.
We arrived in Orlando on Sat the 23rd and checked into our hotel and relaxed and hit the beds around midnight.
We had a week full of fun and lots of laughs and hot, hot sunshine, it rained only once during our stay for about an hour and half, we went to dinner quite wet but loved it. I have a couple pic that I scanned that were taken before our character meals, I will post more pics through the week but for now here we are....


Tara said...

Great pics Kimmie but I need to see more, lol, off to check out facebook!!!

Holly A said...

Isn't Disney a wonderful place! Glad you had a great time. I will check out your Facebook gallery when I get a chance.