Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's official

Zack is going home on Friday, I don't know how the system can fail so miserably, don't get me wrong I am totally for reuniting the family, but in this case, as noted by psychiatrist's and doctors that have told this agency he SHOULD NOT return home ever, it saddens me to know that he is, I feel a great loss for the potential he had if he would have been placed for adoption, I really feel that this little boy feel through the cracks :(


SmileyCarrie said...

I'm so sorry to hear this :( How sad :( :( *HUG*

Mary P. said...

So sorry Kimmie, big hugs!!!! You're amazing woman and I'm sure he will take that amazing from you and bring it with him, he'll always have you with him in his heart.

Marina said...

Oh kimmie, I am so sad to hear this news. I agree children should be reunited with their families, but it doesn't sound like this is in the best interest of Zach. Hugs to you my friend, this isn't going to be an easy transition, but believe that his time with you was well spent and the morals and values you hold dear, will be engrained in him.

Kimmie you are an amazing woman, the world is a better place because of women like you!!!

carolyn peeler said...

So sorry to hear this Kim. That totally sucks. Gotta love a system that places more importance on hitting numbers for 'reuniting families' than the wellbeing of a child.
Take Care.

BTW, just saw your halloween photos. Too cute. I guess you all met at your folks? Talk later!